Sunday, September 27, 2009


The web page found at,22606,26125735-5006301,00.html suggests that Peter Christopher’s new book "Australian Shipwrecks - A Pictorial History" should now be available wherever good books are sold.

Monday, September 14, 2009

HMAS Adelaide to be scuttled off NSW

The ex-HMAS Adelaide will soon be scuttled off NSW. This is the ship which helped in the rescue of English yachtsman, Tony Bullimore years ago.


Whilst several ex-Navy vessels are being scuttled as artificial reefs, new technology is helping in the discovery of lost shipwrecks. Some recent discoveries are as follows: -
The Glenelg shipwreck has been found off Victoria's east coast 109 years after 31 people drowned when it mysteriously sank.
The Soviet submarine S-2, which sank in the Baltic Sea during WW2, was found by a team of divers in February this year.
The wreck of the City of Rayville, which sank off Victoria during WW2, was pinpointed during recent mapping of the sea floor by Deakin University. The ship was a US vessel that was lost off of Cape Otway after striking a German mine on 8th November 1940. She was carrying a cargo of lead, wool and copper from SA to New York, via Melbourne. She was the first US ship to be sunk during WW2. Her approximate position had been known since 2002, but the Deakin Uni team found the exact position whilst using state of the art sonar equipment.
Three recreational divers, including Graeme Henderson from the WA Museum, recently found what appears to be the 115-year old wreck of the dredge Fremantle was off of the WA coast. The Fremantle was used to create Fremantle harbour.
Recent storms uncovered remnants of the brig Ida which ran aground at Port Willunga in January 1857.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

buoys have been positioned in preparation of scuttling of ex- HMAS Canberra

The previously scheduled scuttling of the ex-HMAS Canberra for 12 September 2009 was postponed due to unfavourable weather conditions. The scuttling will be rescheduled to a date with suitable weather conditions as soon as possible. 3 buoys have been positioned approximately 2nm south of Ocean Grove in preparation for the scuttling. The buoys are located in the approximate positions;
1. 38° 18′056″ S, 144° 32′607″ E- Marked with red soft buoy.
2. 38° 17′829″ S, 144° 32′574″ E- Marked with orange soft buoy and has rope coil on surface.
3. 38° 17′827″ S, 144° 32′655″ E- Marked with orange soft buoy and has rope coil on surface.
An isolated danger mark 38° 17′827″ S, 144° 32′615″ E with yellow light (3 sec flash) placed between buoys 2 and 3.
It is recommended that all vessels take caution at approximately 75m from the isolated danger mark. Source:
Tthe ex HMAS Canberra Reef Location is approximately 2-3km offshore from the dune coastline of Ocean Grove (4.2 km from the mouth of the Barwon River, & 6.2 km from Point Lonsdale).


An announcement is imminent from Christopher Deane regarding 'Positive Photographic Proof' about the source of the large anchor at Port Noarlunga reef. Stay tuned!