Friday, January 29, 2010

"City of Adelaide" lifeboat anniversary

It is now 25 years since the "City of Adelaide" lifeboat was removed from Porter Bay, Pt Lincoln to make way for the new marina. It was placed in the Axel Stenross Maritime Museum where it was expected to undergo conservation. Unfortunately, that never happened. The museum couldn't afford to do it. The vessel is now owned by the Dept for Environment & Heritage and it is in a sad state of decay. The museum is now appealing for funds to restore it.

Lady Kinnaird anniversary

It is now 130 years since the 680-ton iron barque Lady Kinnaird sank off of Cape Burr, Port Neill on 21st January 1880. An anchor from the shipwreck is now located at Port Neill. A photo of the anchor can be found at . The Society for Underwater Historical Research published a report (prepared by Alan Hale) titled “The wreck of the Lady Kinnaird, January 21st 1880” on the wrecks centenary in 1980. A young Alan Hale is shown at the far right in the above photo of an anchor retrieved from Fishery Bay.

Photos of the HA Lumb

I only have this photo of the Lumb's cabin which is still situated at Cruikshanks's Corner at Birkenhead. Will Scapens is after some photos of the vessel. There are a couple of shots of her to be found at