Sunday, May 30, 2010

SS Glenelg

Aquability located the wreck the SS Glenelg on 28th June 2009 after several attempts. The Glenelg sank 55 miles west of Lakes Entrance, 7 miles off shore, 110 years ago on the 24th March 1900. (Further details regarding the Glenelg can be read at .)


There are numerous wrecks around Eden, including the sunken tugs Tasman Hauler and Henry Bolte. The Tasman Hauler is said to be intact and sitting upright on a sandy bottom at 30m. The Henry Bolte is on its side on a rocky bottom at 25m. Both wrecks are easy to find and in close proximity of South Head. Both are marked with buoys. The waters in this area are said to be pristine and often provide 30–40m visibility. Eden is situated on Twofold Bay in the far south of NSW. (Source: “Member Bulletin”, the Recreational Fishing and Trailer Boat Owners Advocacy and Support Group)