Sunday, August 23, 2009


The five interpretive signs along the Ethelton Bank for the Jervois Basin Ships' Graveyard Maritime Heritage Trail have been removed during the Newport developments there. DEH’s Robyn Ashworth says, “I have been having talks with LMC/Port Partnerships about the replacement of these signs. I am hopeful that a project to do this (or to integrate the information from these signs with other proposed interpretation for the area) will begin before the end of the year. Removal of the signs was part of the development but they had also been vandalised and were looking very sad by the time they were removed. We're still not sure if the trail will remain as an isolated product or whether the information will be incorporated into a larger interpretation plan for the Port waterfront.” Visit for more details re the Jervois Basin Ships' Graveyard Maritime Heritage Trail.

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