Friday, September 24, 2010

Rainbow Warrior (1) now NZ dive site

Greenpeace’s first Rainbow Warrior ship is now a popular New Zealand dive site. She was blown-up whilst docked in New Zealand in 1985. The ship was being prepared for a protest voyage to Moruroa Atoll over French nuclear testing. French Secret Service agents planted two bombs on the ship in Auckland harbour on 10th July 1985. These bombs resulted in two large explosions just before midnight that evening, which caused the Rainbow Warrior to keel over. The ship’s Captain and crew were onboard the ship at the time. Most of them managed to get safely off of her but a photographer who tried to rescue his cameras at the time was drowned. The complete article on this topic was featured in the Sept 2010 issue of Dive Log magazine (p.66) - . Part of the story can also be read at


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