Saturday, October 27, 2012

The discovery of the "Mars"

Richard Lundgren’s presentation at OZTeK2013 OZTeK - Tek Diving Conference deals with what has become one of the world’s most interesting archeological wreck sites, the discovery of Mars the Magnificent (one that rivals the finding of the Vasa) the largest and most modern warship of its time. With its intimidating dimensions and previously unseen numbers of canons Mars struck fear in any opposing foe. In 1564 Mars led Erik XIV armada of warship in a bold attempt to crush the Danish and Lybish fleets thus ending the Danish dominium of the seas. A brutal naval battle ended in the loss of Mars and more than 1000 braves, Swedes, Danes and Lybish. Richard Lundgren says, "This will be a new presentation with new never before presented materials, illustrations, 3-D models, photos, photomosaic and videos. All in a special OZTeK presentation."

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