Tuesday, March 26, 2013


According to the web page found at http://www.tajmahalsunkentreasure.com/ , “Sir Arthur C. Clarke . . . was an avid SCUBA diver and . . . in the early 1960s he was a part of one of the most unique sunken treasure discoveries in history – The Treasure of the Great Reef. In 1962, Clarke was stricken with polio and spent the rest of his life living with the debilitating effects of post-polio syndrome. In 1963 he joined diving partner Mike Wilson as he and a small team of divers recovered thousands of silver rupees Wilson and two American consulate boys, Bob Kriegel and Mark Smith, had discovered on Great Basses Reef off the southern tip of Sri Lanka.  Most of the coins were still in the shape of the bags that had once carried them; clumps weighing 26 to 30 pounds, with nearly 1,000 coins in each.” Visit http://www.tajmahalsunkentreasure.com/discovery.html to learn how the Taj Mahal Treasure was discovered and recovered.

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