Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Nashwauk anchor

According to, "Onkaparinga Council is consulting the community about where to display the (Nashwauk) anchor, which was recently restored by the National Museum of Australia.
Terry Drew  commented:                   
"The Onkaparinga Council, the History Trust and the South Australian Government can cooperate and contribute together to use this opportunity to provide the community with a more appropriate interpretation of the Nashwauk shipwreck in South Australian history than was previously available. The many South Australian descendants of the Nashwauk survivors can have their stories acknowledged in a way that commemorates the shipwreck and reminds us all of the beginnings of our state. The Nashwauk Reserve, the Moana Pioneers Memorial Hall or the entrance to the Moana Tourist Park are all appropriate to some extent but please let's make the most of the opportunity."

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