Saturday, February 21, 2015

Crowd-funding to save HMS M.33

OK, so it's not a shipwreck, but an Indiegogo campaign to raise crowd-funding to save HMS M33, a WWI veteran and the only survivor of Gallipoli, can be found at . According to the webpage, “HMS M.33 is a unique survivor. Launched in May 1915 this vessel is the sole remaining British veteran of that year’s bloody Gallipoli Campaign, and also of the Russian Civil War which followed. Only three British warships from the First World War still exist and HMS M.33 will be the only one open to the public on August 6th, in time for the Gallipoli centenary. In order to avoid such an important ship to be forgotten, a project dedicated in bringing M33 to life in under way. The main objectives are to conserve and repair, so that this amazing vessel can be appreciated and understood by future generations. The ship will be made physically and intellectually accessible. New interpretation and activities will engage people of all ages and backgrounds with M33’s history, the stories of the men who served on board, and the history of Gallipoli – one of the key campaigns of the Great War.” The aim is to raise £19,150. That is a symbolic amount due to 1915 being the year HMS M.33 was built and launched. That amount represents just under 10% of the £250,000 to be raised by the Museum for the completion of the fundraising campaign. The 5-week campaign ends on 18th March and only 19% (£3,557) had been raised during the first week. Further details can be found on Wikipedia at

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